Frequently Asked Questions

Measuring the height and width of the area you would like the balloon garland is best. Our most popular garland size last year was the 14' garland. We use between 8-10' to make the height of the garland and the other 4-6' is used to fill the garland out. For more information on sizing, click here.

You will send us an invite or event colors and we color match.

Balloon garlands last weeks indoors. Garlands outdoors typically last 3 days depending on weather.

Having a weather plan is always best. If the balloons were to go outdoors we can typically find a new place indoors for the balloons or under a covered space.

Our installation garlands have a more organic look we use more balloon sizes. We deliver and install so that you can use your time doing more important things. Grab & go garlands are more uniform and only include 3 balloon sizes. You pick up the garland m-f 9-5 and install with the materials we provide.

We install at least 2 hours prior to your event. Friday installs are normally always available for indoor events if you would like to check that off of the to-do list early.